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Born to Breathe!

Born to Breathe ~ Mission Statement:

To empower women. 

To walk with them through their pregnancy & beyond.

To keep women safe, moving more intentionally.

To help women believe in their innate ability to conceive, grow, nurture, and give birth.

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Pregnancy is a very special time for an expectant woman.

Pregnancy can also be a time of uncertainty, shifts in the body, & discomforts.

It is a time of needing community support from other expectant women.

Prenatal yoga could be the answer for you!

Take a closer look into the benefits of prenatal yoga.


Through lesson plans developed specifically for pregnancy, we will have open & honest discussions on the most current topics of pregnancy, birth, & postpartum.

You will work on a deeper connection with your body, your breath, & your baby.

Connecting to your breath will teach you how to relax your mind & your body in preparation for labor & birth.

The breath is your support not just while on your yoga mat during prenatal classes, but also as you travel through labor, birth, motherhood, and life. 

I will guide you through simple postures, which are safe for you & your baby. 

Meditations and positive affirmations will assist in releasing fears of the unknown. 

Together we will work on balance. alignment, & creating space within.  

All elements of helping your baby find the best positioning in your womb.


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