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What Is Prenatal Yoga?


Prenatal yoga is a dedicated class specifically designed to address pregnancy discomforts. Each week we begin class with a sharing circle where we discuss topics pertinent to current pregnancy, labor, and birth practices. The prenatal yoga poses I teach are safe for both mom and baby. In addition to poses, we focus on breath work, positive affirmations, and relaxation techniques.  These poses build strength and stamina for labor. You do not need any yoga experience to participate.  All poses are instructed, and verbalized as I complete each one with you. This class provides expectant women with a safe, peaceful, and supportive environment.  It is a wonderful way to connect with other pregnant women!


How early may I begin?


There is no set answer.  Most of this depends on how you are feeling.  As a prenatal yoga teacher, I trust you know your body.  Some women begin right away in the first trimester, while others wait until they are entering the second trimester.  I say, listen to your own body.  Honor what your body is telling you.


Do I need to bring a doctor's or midwife’s note?


I highly recommend that you consult with your physician or midwife prior to attending class, however, a written note is not required. Please know that I require signing a liability waiver prior to joining class for the first time. 


Do I need to have prior experience with yoga to attend?


No prior experience is needed.  Many of the women attending class are new to yoga. Pregnancy is a wonderful time to begin your yoga journey since your focus is naturally turned more inward.  Many women are more in tune with their body during this time. 


Some women may have been practicing yoga attending normal yoga classes.  They may want to inquire about switching to prenatal classes.  As long as you are honoring your body you may continue, however, there are many poses that should be temporarily avoided during pregnancy to ensure safety to both you and baby.  

At some point, you may want to consider joining prenatal classes due to its tailored preparation for labor and birth.  You will certainly enjoy benefits from the community, support of other pregnant women, and class discussions on topics which you may not have much background. 


What do I need to bring?


Yoga mats are highly recommended. Please bring water!  It is important to stay hydrated.
Wear comfortable clothing so you can move freely.       


Where can I take classes?


Classes are held at tapas yoga and pilatees in Bettendorf, IA,  AQUANATAL at the Rock Island YWCA in Rock Island.  See Classes Page for more details.

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