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Roberta's prenatal yoga classes are amazing.  Every week throughout my pregnancy, I enjoyed joining her on my mat for education, movement, and meditation.  Roberta is so knowledgeable!  I am thankful I was able to learn from her while connecting to my baby.  The prenatal yoga poses helped me relax, stretch, and rid my body of those pregnancy ailments, aches, and pains.  I highly recommend Roberta's classes.  She is amazing inside and out! ~ Aubree Savage

Roberta's classes were so wonderful!  I experienced both prenatal & postnatal yoga classes.  They definitely helped me  physically & mentally.  I will continue to practice the poses Roberta  shared with me.  Roberta is so sweet.  She made it all such a positive experience.  Thank you!  And I will definitely be recommending you to others in the future. ~ Andrea Weter

Attending Roberta's prenatal yoga classes was the best thing I did for myself during my pregnancy!  My favorite thing about Roberta is  that she is so incredibly empowering.  Not only do you leave feeling healthier, stronger, refreshed, and physically capable, but she also empowers your spirit by sprinkling in supportive affirmations throughout her lessons.  

Roberta is great at demonstrating and explaining every position each time to make to make sure all of her students understand fully.  She also offers safe alternatives for physical conditions or limitations.

She helps mamas to trust their bodies to do exactly what they were created to do, and gives them the mindset to celebrate that!

Looking forward to utilizing her resources for future pregnancies.  I will continue to recommend her services to everyone I meet. ~ Sydney Greer

Roberta is an incredible woman who has added so much joy to my pregnancy journeys!  I attended her classes with 3 of my 4 pregnancies.  Her yoga classes are led with a soft voice and a sense of encouragement.  I love the community she has built - such a greta way to learn and build strength in your body throughout pregnancy and prepare you for birth. ~ Ash Linnberg

Roberta's classes have helped keep me mindful, empowered, and educated on pregnancy and labor.  Joining her classes has been an invaluable experience. Roberta goes above and beyond for each of us and does so with so much grace.

I echo this for Roberta's postnatal class as well.  Roberta takes time to listen and provide movement and peace through her teaching.

I highly recommend Roberta's prenatal and postnatal classes.  Her lessons and reminders assisted me through labor and now postpartum. ~ Megan Pederson

Roberta's class is a weekly reminder to slow down, enjoy your pregnancy, and






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