I started prenatal yoga at The Group in Davenport, IA when I was about 16 weeks pregnant. The only regret I have is not starting sooner! Roberta does such a fantastic job with this class. Not only are you getting the benefits of working-out during this class, but you also focus on connecting with baby. This class will help me with the strength I need to birth our baby. I am confident I will hear Roberta’s positive encouragement in my head during labor. In addition to the weekly prenatal yoga classes, my husband and I also took the Baby Ready class Roberta offers. It was excellent!  I highly recommend it.  Roberta coached us on stretching and relaxation techniques to help us navigate the peaks and valleys of labor.  She also provided us with personal time  to reflect on our pregnancy.  This was a special moment for us. My overall prenatal yoga experience has been empowering, I feel healthier, happier, stronger and more confident that we can birth our baby!


- Hannah Vossenkemper


I have been doing private prenatal with Roberta during my second pregnancy.  I never arrive feeling bad, but I always leave feeling AMAZING.  It's like an improvement I didn't know I needed......every time!


                                                                                        -  Catherine Keech

"I have been with Roberta for both of my pregnancies.  Taking her prenatal and Baby Ready classes were so beneficial during pregnancy!  They helped keep me active and also helped with the aches & pains along the way.  It was a wonderful way to meet other pregnant women.  I highly, HIGHLY recommend taking her classes."

Megan Bennett

"Prenatal yoga is a necessity in my mind.  I began attending prenatal yoga with Roberta when I was 11 weeks pregnant and continued to go right up until I had my baby.  I loved starting class off discussing a topic about birth or to help prepare for birth.  We worked through our fears and became empowered to have the birth we wanted (medically permitting).  Going through the yoga sequence helped my pregnant body stretch in ways I knew were safe with Roberta's guidance. I truly think doing yoga while pregnant helped me not have any swelling at all throughout my pregnancy.  I was able to bring my baby into this world naturally. You won't regret taking this time for you and your baby!"  

- Karyn Janoski

"I loved prenatal yoga! I started attending when I was 12 weeks pregnant and continued attending until I delivered at 40 weeks and 3 days. I had the safe, healthy, and natural delivery for which I had been preparing.  I looked forward to classes each week taking time to adapt to my changing body, bond with my baby, let go of the stress from work, and prepare for labor. The weekly lessons and getting to connect with other pregnant women was a major reason I enjoyed attending classes! I look forward to attending prenatal yoga when we have our next child!"

- Whitney Linnberg

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