Doing Yoga


Congratulations on welcoming your baby into your arms, into your life, and

into your world forever! You did it!!! With your little one along for the ride -

or not - it’s time to nurture yourself with postnatal yoga classes!


Have you noticed any of the following after birth?

  • Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)

  • Incontinence/Bladder Weakness

  • Menstrual Difficulties

  • Intimacy Dissatisfaction

  • Low Back or Hip Pain

  • Postural Struggles

If so, you may have core and/or pelvic floor disfunction.


My Postnatal Yoga class is a 6 week series.  One hour each week we will work on restoring the core & pelvic floor through a series of poses developed to reconnect you to the core and pelvic floor.  This class has many moves atypical of yoga but we will still focus on breathing and movement specialized to assist you in self healing.

No prior yoga experience is necessary.


All 6 weeks sessions can be held in person or via zoom.
Please send an email to or text 309-737-6927. State your name and some options of what might work in your schedule.
Cost of this 6 week series is $100.00.
Baby in Mother's Arms