Prenatal Yoga | Revive Cafe/Yoga Studio
Monday's from 5:30 - 6:45 PM | East Moline, Illinois | Bring a mat ~ Your investment $15.00

Prenatal Yoga | Revive at The Group Med Spa

You do NOT need to be a patient of the Group to attend.
Wednesday's from 5:30 - 6:45 | Davenport, Iowa | Bring a mat ~ Your investment

AquaNatal Yoga The Rock Island YWCA Downtown Rock Island
You do NOT need to be a member of the YWCA to attend.
This class is unique to the Quad Cities area.  Classes are offered the 3rd Thursday of every month. Watch Facebook for more information.
5:00 - 6:00 PM | Bring your suit, towel, shower items.  Your investment $15.00
AquaNatal YOga


Baby Ready
Private Offerings
A beautiful time in your lives.  A wonderful opportunity to enhance your love for one another & baby. This workshop will unite all of you into poses that are beneficial during all phases of pregnancy & beyond.
Baby ready is a private birth enhancements class which will help prepare couples for the big day. Roberta will instruct this special class in her home studio providing soon to be parents a space that is quaint & intimate. This class is a 2 hour session in which you will learn & practice birthing positions, massage techniques, and engage in a couple of very special moments of tenderness and love.
*DM Roberta for a date & location.
No yoga experience necessary. 

Your investment is $120.00. 
Register by emailing Roberta at to reserve your birth enhancements workshop.



A traditional Mexican shawl used for keeping warm, carrying loads, supporting a woman in pregnancy, labor, & birth, and after birth, for carrying baby.  This shawl technique has been used around the world in a variety of countries.  It is used to rock & soothe the body of anyone, but in this workshop we will address how to use the shawl for pregnancy comforts.  This workshop is 60 minutes.  
Your investment is $50.00
(This workshop can also be done as a small group if you have friends who are interested in joining)
Register by emailing Roberta at


A private session of Reiki, Meditation, and the ceremony for closing of the bones after birth or after loss of any type.  The closing the bones ritual I practice involves rocking the pelvis with a rebozo, followed by using several rebozos to wrap the mother. This workshop is 60 minutes.
Your investment is $60.00
Register by emailing Roberta at


All of the blends I make use doTERRA oils mixed with fractionated coconut oil.  Here are a few of the blends for mama & baby. Your investment is $10.00 per bottle.

Mama Oils - Labor of Love, Diffuser Blend of Lavender & Wild Orange(no fractionated coconut oil in this blend), Milk Mama, Pain Management, Postpartum Support

Baby Oils - Sleepy Baby, Tiny Teeth, Tiny Tummy, Cradle Cap, Baby Acne